Friday, March 5, 2010

i wanna i wanna. i wanna what?

i want to sing.
because i'm friggin bored.
and i love singing.
and i want a new guitar. preferably a fender strat.
and i wanna learn how to cook. so that i could survive home alone.
and i want my family to be happy again. because it doesn't feel like it used to be.
and i want my sister to stop being selfish.
and i want to change myself for the better.
and i want to run barefoot around kl (when its not so hot).
and i want to hang out with my friends more often.
and i want to spend more time with my family. all 5 of us.
and i want so many more things, it would kill me to write them all down.

fact : malaysia sekarang siang temperature 40'C lebih do. panas gila babi


azimsuhaili said...

i want you hik hik hik :))

119th of 0509 said...

usha gay gay gay...

anak manja? said...

usha mmg gay la amzaq.
satu dunia tau

bicara hatiku said...

this is what do u want b4 u go,ikhwanul?? omg..~! i know, it's imposibble to u read what did i want to said..may Allah bless u always from there, in peace..i'll never kn0w u b4,but.. i'm feel like i knew u..nvm, bukn rzki kte jdi kwn k0wt..u take care there,

shaze said...
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shaze said...

ikhwa..i never knew u before.but i feel sad when i found out what happened to u.i hope i can turn back time..i'll search for u on fb and add u as a fren..and i'll be nice to u.but its too late.u're gone now.i hope u'll be fine there.i'll pray for u ikhwa.eventhough we didnt know each

Aah Mat Dee said...

nampaknya arwah memang dah sedar masanya kian sempit, makanya banyak hajat-hajat yang baik, ingin menggembirakan hati semua orang sebelum dia pergi, ingin menyenangkan hati kawannya, keluarganya..

bukti bahawa dia memang anak yang baik


Anonymous said...

entry ni sangat menyentuh hati saya....

al-fatihah dan takziah daripada saya yg tidak mengenali ikhwa sebelum ini, ..dan saya doakan ikhwa tenang dan ditempatkan bersama-sama org yg beriman di sana

@aah mat dee

saya fikir sama dengan awak, arwah anak yg baik dan kawan yg baik, bertuahnya sesiapa yg mengenali beliau...semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat -amin-

bicara hatiku said...

btul tuh..
mse mula2 sy bce entri sy,
sy dpt rsakn yg dia xkn dpt hdup lme,jdi dia cter n luahkn kt cnie..

ikhwa,klaw sy thu psl awk sbl0m awk prgi,
mngkin kte bleyh jdi kwn kt fb tuh,kn?..n sy k0wt yg akn add awk..tpi awk dh xder, sy add jugk dn sy sedar yg awk x mngkin akn app sy..tpi sy xksh..mngkin mmg kte xder jdoh utk b'kwn..mereka yg xknl awk p0wn, ble bce psl awk.. mreka akn rsa yg mreka knl awk..
mngkin sbb kte2 ni sbyer k0wt..
ok lar..mga awk d'lindungi Allah d'sner k.. :)

Anonymous said...

i never knew you, but if you can access the internet from wherever you are, chamakh, I hope you know that your passing has touched many lives.
this post almost reduced me to tears.

I haven't and will not stop praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Its been 3 years and like most of the people who commented I never really knew u. Its strange but when someone told me u passed away i felt as if I lost my best friend, half of who i am. I have never felt this way and its so strange.its a connection that I cant explain. Ikhwanul ashraf, I pray for you whenever I miss you. I hope we can meet in the afterlife. InsyaAllah.

Phie Rynz said...