Monday, June 29, 2009

amer turns 17!

that is me on the left. and at my right is Amer. Guess what? He just turned 17 yesterday.

Happy birthday bro!
May your gayness fade with the times.
And study la jom. SPM!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

transformers and a fire

last weekend, i spent a whole load of money and probably my ass on the line just to go to Ipoh and watch the movie, Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen. Turns out it was not a waste of all. The movie was frickin awesome (Megan Fox hot la sial!) and I didn't get caught. Despite breaking the school rules, me and my friends got to do something good after we came back from Ipoh. On our way to the 'entrance' at the back (lubang kat pagar yang digunakan untuk setan2 sekolah aku), we saw some people running around holding buckets of water. At first, I thought it was just a bunch of drunk idiots playing around at night (it was 11 0'clock). But then, we smelled smoke and after a few more steps, we saw a house on fire! We immediately picked up a few buckets ourselves and started filling it up and we helped to try to put out the fire. But then someone asked if anyone had called the fire department. Pastu ada orang bodoh mana plak gi cakap, "aku takde kredit do". Bodoh tak? Fyi, emergency calls are for free la sengal! So, I borrowed Nene's phone and called the fire department. After 10 minutes (lambat la sial!), they arrived and we quickly ran into our school to avoid detection. And that, is the end of this lame story. But it's true. So whoever says that nothing good can come from something bad you are doing, FUCK YOU!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

la la la takde kerjalah

do these pictures show that i'm ready for SPM?
fuck NO!
i'm so friggin unprepared for my SPM.
given my mid-year results, i feel like just giving up.
but no. for my family and my own future, i won't give up.
oh crap, i'm talking bullshit right?
sorry la, sasau la~

going crazy,
yours truly

Saturday, June 13, 2009

i hate this part right here

today marks the end of school holidays which means i'm getting closer and closer to SPM (motherfucker la wei). although these 2 weeks felt incredibly short-lived, at least it was not entirely meaningless. there were a few things i got to do like :
  • getting 2nd place at a futsal tournament. i won 50 bucks for myself.
  • playing night-time futsals. earning multiple scabs and bruises in the process.
  • tuition classes. very educative. except bila ponteng la.
  • family dinners. just a few rare occasions where all of my family, my sister included, can sit around a table together and have dinner. very rare.
  • watching Terminator Salvation using free tickets with Megat, Ammar and Shakeel. front row seats. bullshit gler. sakit tengkuk. thankfully, the movie was worth the sakit tengkuk.
  • karaoke. 3(or more hours) of melalak like a bunch of retards. but it was enjoyable nonetheless. what with best student upsr 2004, singing to Britney Spears' songs.
  • lepak rooftop. killing time with a bunch of idiots like me. a place where i can scream my lungs out. haha
a few pictures included.

goodbye holidays.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the long and winding road

it's been 4 and a half years since i first stepped into MCKK.
and though i've always whined about how fucked-up life is there, i couldn't deny that i would miss my crappy school.
i would miss the teachers (some of them, the others can go rot in hell)
i would miss the mostly out of order or doorless toilets (jamban plak!)
i would miss hanging out and singing and playing guitars till the break of dawn.
i would miss my class and classmates (hidup 5 sc 6!)
i would miss the "soft" and "oh-so-comfortable" bed.
i would miss the town with all its cheap food.

but most of all, i would miss my hare-brained friends. all of them.
5 years is just too fucking short a time for me to spend time with you guys.
let's just enjoy the remainders of our school days, shall we?

don't give a fuck to all those people who try to take what's ours.
let's give 'em hell, baby!

going crazy,
yours truly

Friday, June 5, 2009

when hunger calls

buat apa lagi bodoh.
pegi la makan.
main game lagi buat ape.

going crazy,
yours truly.