Tuesday, February 24, 2009

days of boredom.

2.10p.m. 25 februari 2009.
17 years 27 days 4 hours 5 minutes of life and i don't feel a thing.
my hand is still useless (surprise, surprise).
but at least i can now cook, type, play winning, karaoke, play bowling (left-handed and i suck!) so my right-hand is not entirely useless.
but according to my doctor, i'm supposed to rest for at least 6weeks to 3months so that's a huge letdown. no sports :'(

but, at least i'm home. bleh tgk champions league. i don't have to care about the fucked-up mess going around in my campus. at least, not for another few days. the kpkm general election results was a total disaster. a full-scale disaster. mmg claka. but what to do, we can't always be winners.

but to my friends at school, lepen beb. biar makhluk2 lahanat tu menang KP.
we just sit, wait and see wtf they can do.
and to ruggers, stickmasters, footballers, debaters and volleyballers (tu je kan?), good luck to all of you for the game against RMC (Royal Military College) this coming weekend. Sori gler gabbana la aku tak leh cheer for you guys. Aku blk ahad do.
Have fun la korg. Aku nak mandi ar. Nak smbhyg zohor lagi.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

half a day in kl..

woke up at 9am. 2 hours of sleep as usual.
listened to my mother's morning raving. the usual.
went to the hospital to have my hand-checked by a specialist (not by an idiotic doctor from the Kuala Kangsar district).
and then my day started. went for lepak-lepaking with my schoolmates (kering, adi, baba, ajie, butet)..
first time tuh jack mkn lunch kat nando's ngan muke2 nie. kalau x, mmg mamak je la.
bleh plak jmpe bdk2 form 4 bwt rombongan ilmiah ke Pavillion (sengal!). lpak nk smpai 20 orang. xleh ramai lagi ke john?
pstu kitorang berlima (aku,adi,butet,baba,ajie), pun meneruskan langkah menuju ke satu tempat shisha di area Bukit Bintang (x igt do nama kedai).
memang menarik. dgn background music arabia, shisha dan daun terup, aku rasa kitorang berlima da nak serupa Arab Jahiliyah da tadi.
maen kad kalau maen tai-tee ke xpe, ini tidak.
berjudi lak tu. blackjack.
tapi kalau da untung nak complain celah mana kan bang?

thanx ar guys sbab sume tu. enjoy gak walaupun aku separa OKU skrg nie.


hellish week.
a finger rendered useless by a shitty football.
that doesn't usually happen to me.
i've had a lot of injuries but this was the first time i fractured my bones. (celaka nye syiham!)
but what to do?
what's done is done. nasi dah jadi bubur. ais dah jadi air.
so i've to walk around with two paddle pop sticks and a bandage wrapped around my fractured thumb (shit! bodo nye doktor kuala kangsar hospital). thankfully, i went to Prince Court Medical Centre yesterday, and the doctor there gave me a decent thumb support, way better than having ice-cream sticks wrapped to your hand.
all i've to do now is not move my right thumb too much for about 6 weeks-3 months (wtf?).

to all my schoolmates in Kuala Kangsar, have a great time doing your homework. haha.
i'll miss playing football, hockey, futsal and hanball. mmg xbleh maen la john. sori ar.

EPOOL - aku x mcm kau la wei. aku saket duk rumah je la. haha

ape2 pun, i'll not miss the stupid politics going around both in Perak and in my school. do whatever the fuck you want, you fucking power-hungry prefects. bengong. tongong. bahlol.

dah. tgn saket nie dong. xleh nk berpanjang-panjangan.